Prevent and detect eavesdropping

Checks to monitor and detect eavesdroppoing

The checks are designed to cover all forms of telephone communications and to detect other means of eavesdropping unrelated to the telephone network. We also monitor all eavesdropping methods in use.  The checks are performed using innovative and sophisticated devices developed in the U.S. for the defense market. 

These devices are considered the most advanced of their kind, and were specifically designed for monitoring and detecting eavesdropping. The equipment includes an integrated computerized and sophisticated OSCOR 5000 system for scanning the entire spectrum of frequencies currently in use. It provides a solution for both eavesdropping devices installed on-site and as well as external devices attached to and concealed on external telephone lines or through the electric power grid.

Orian System

We also employ an Orion-type system, which is used for scanning and detecting eavesdropping devices and concealed electronic components.  The Orion system is able to detect components, such as  mobile eavesdropping devices, also when they are not broadcasting; eavesdropping devices that are no longer active due to a malfunction or empty batteries; as well as passive eavesdropping and recording devices that do not broadcast at all (local recorders, wired microphones, etc.). The system enables detecting hidden eavesdropping components in objects, furniture, walls, etc.

In addition to operating sophisticated equipment, physical inspections are also conducted at a subject location in using manual scanning equipment and on telephone lines and internal extensions in order to detect possible parasite connectors indicative of eavesdropping. When an indication of possible eavesdropping is received, the equipment enables a sophisticated and proximate search for and exposure of the broadcasting locations.

We employ advanced electronic equipment for scanning the spectrum of frequencies used for concealed wireless cameras and special equipment for physical detection of concealed camera eyepieces.

Checking to monitor and Detect Mobile Phone Eavesdropping

Checking is performed in using dedicated software to scan the device for malware, spyware,  eavesdropping, viruses, and keylogging.  A process for identifying spyware and eavesdropping employing a unique methodology is also used. This includes:

Recording all communications between the device being checked and the Internet. Putting all of the raw information recorded into a structured database that enables handling and analyzing large quantities of information.
Use of statistical analysis algorithms that were developed based on deep familiarity and experience in the field for the purpose of categorizing traffic classified as unusual and uncharacteristic of the activity on the mobile device.
A thorough examination and classification of the traffic on the device to identify traffic that could result from the existence of spyware and eavesdropping software.

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