Bussines Intelligence

The realm of business intelligence is vast and overreaching.
Over the years we developed an extended network of partners and sources around the world. By utilizing the said contacts we provide our clients with solutions to complex business challenges.

Background checks and intelligence files

Whether it’s a potential partner, investor, Joint Venture or M&A activity, we provide our clients with the ability to go deep beyond the vail of empty statements, websites and first impressions.
Any individual or corporations can be meticulously investigated in order to ravel who they really are, their controlling parties or Ultimate Beneficiary Owners, legal and financial status, reputation and the accuracy of their public statements.

Information gathering

We gather information concerning our clients’ competitors or other point of interest whether commercial, legal, technological or personal in nature. Whether for recruiting a senior executive, collecting evidence for any potential future needs or
economic status of competitors operations, specific and targeted information gathering is a powerful tool.

Business Development

Our clients, both enterprise and high-net-worth individuals, utilize our capabilities in building, developing and promoting their businesses.
We help our clients in seeking strategic partners, locating potential
JVs in new markets, identifying and analyzing their competitors and
locating targets for M&A in accordance with pre-defined commercial parameters. Investigations & Intelligence are common and powerful tools in conducting any business.

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The biggest investigation company in Israel, operating over 40 years with more than 70 employees licensed by the Ministry of Justice. WY has been providing Investigative & Intelligence services to tier 1 enterprises and high-net-worth individuals across the globe.