Crisis Management & Litigation support

In any conflict or strife, whether commercial, IP
matrimonial or personally driven, the winning side
is always the one that is most informed,
possesses the relevant information or evidence and
makes fewer mistakes. 

WY takes a direct, creative and cost-effective approach to litigation and crisis management
With years of experience, we know how to partner with our clients’ outside counnsel and in-house stakeholders. We consult and assist in identifying the required solutions, collect the necessary intelligence and ascertain the game-changing evidence
Our expertise lies in collecting accurate and relevant information, experienced witnessing and all in an ethical manner keeping our clients’ from playing into their opposition’s hands by performing crucial mistakes



In many cases, we bring to light new facts and evidence that have been overlooked or missed and identify the opposition’s active measures and strategy.
Our vast experience as investigators allow us to identify opportunities and help our clients build effective legal strategies that get results with the following services: 

 Collecting information for affidavits rebuttle, cross-examination and for verifying credentials of expert witnesses.
Uncovering connections between subjects and witnesses and running background research on opposition’s key assets.
Locating and interviewing potential witnesses.
Cultivating confidential sources.
Liaison with law enforcement agencies.
Providing defensive consultancy and measures against opposition counter actions.

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The biggest investigation company in Israel, operating over 40 years with more than 70 employees licensed by the Ministry of Justice. WY has been providing Investigative & Intelligence services to tier 1 enterprises and high-net-worth individuals across the globe.