Cyber Intelligence

Our experts possess years of experience in collecting,
analyzing and utilizing cyber intelligence
in both the governmental and private realms
using the latest technological tools as well as human experience. 

Cyber intelligence is based on the collection of actionable and relevant intelligence using open source intelligence, social media intelligence, human Intelligence (human engineering), technical intelligence as well as Deep & Dark web intelligence. 

Telephone Checks

We perform checks on all models of mobile devices.
Today, mobile telephone devices have become a prime target for attackers, and innumerable tools can be purchased for tracking and gathering information using mobile devices.
Our firm specializes in performing checks that cover all attack methodologies. Among other things, we specialize in detecting mobile phone hacks, information theft, malware files, zero-day attacks, and information leaks.
We gather information concerning our clients’ competitors or other point of interest whether commercial, legal, technological or personal in nature. Whether for recruiting a senior executive, collecting evidence for any potential future needs or
economic status of competitors operations, specific and targeted information gathering is a powerful tool.

Computer Checks

We specialize in all types of computer investigations. Our cyber team includes veterans of the Israel defense establishment with extensive experience in this field.
We update our tests and systems daily according to the dynamic attack methodologies and breaches that have been exposed and are used by the attackers.  Over the years, we have identified dozens of spyware programs, and have helped to solve extremely complicated cases and identify attackers.

Our firm’s Cyber Department specializes in identifying online harassers, laying and executing honey traps, and stopping the harassment immediately.  The world of online harassment, which has become a significant threat in the lives of ordinary people, occupies us a great deal. We use powerful technological tools to identify perpetrators and stop them from continuing to harass.
Our firm also uses the most powerful tools on the market for recovering deleted data and restoring access to the information, such as recovering forgotten password files.

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The biggest investigation company in Israel, operating over 40 years with more than 70 employees licensed by the Ministry of Justice. WY has been providing Investigative & Intelligence services to tier 1 enterprises and high-net-worth individuals across the globe.