Court rejected a 10 million nis lawsuit by Ron Omsi against bank mizrahi tefahot using evidence from “WY” investigation

Court rejected a 10 million nis lawsuit by Ron Omsi against bank mizrahi tefahot.
According to him, the bank was negligent in managing his account .
As part of its defense from the lawsuit, the bank hired Wizmann-Yaar investigation.

Omasi claimed that his checks,  in the amount of 15,000 nis , from Bank Mizrahi bank returned .
This action led to the cancellation of a transaction for saleing the company he owned to a Chinese company and made him a loss of income in the estimated amount of  32 million nis.

 According to Omasi, the Chinese company withdrew their offer  from the deal at the last minute due to the return of the checks by the bank.
“WY” sent two investigators to China, who met with Chinese company, using a cover story.

The investigators introduced themselves as French businessmen and gained the trust of the company’s executives. 

The investigators presented to the Chinese company documents from the lawsuit, according to which the Chinese company was about to acquire the company owned by omasi.
The Chinese denied Omasi’s claims, claiming that the documents were given to him since they had of personal ties with him and as “good for a friend” only.

Using a hidden camera, “WY” showed the evidence in court, which determined that Omasi’s version, had to many contradictions. 

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