Wizman Yaar Investigations –Israel’s leading and largest private investigations company, licensed for investigations by the Ministry of Justice.
Investigation and surveillance with a difference – oustanding personal service, absolute discretion and uncompromising professionalism.
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Wire Tap Detection

Wizman Yaar Investigations has a designated department with expertise in detecting phone and wire taps of all kinds, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment available on the market.

About Us

With 30 years’ experience of private investigation in Israel and overseas, Wizman Yaar Investigations is considered the largest and most prominent firm in the field.

Tracing Property and Assets

Wizman Yaar Investigations specializes in conducting investigations to identify property and assets in Israel and abroad (financial viability investigations).

Commercial Intelligence

Data obtained through commercial information gathering activities and background checks provides helpful details to organizations and private individuals prior to decision making.

International Investigations

Wizman Yaar Investigations has over many years built up a worldwide information gathering network, enabling large-scale international investigations.


Wizman Yaar Investigations specializes in private & divorce investigating, a field which in recent years has gained increasing focus in financial inquiries.


Wizman Yaar Investigations conducts investigations in Israel and abroad in a wide variety of subjects, including:
Tracing property and assets; commercial intelligence; exposure of fraud and embezzlement; surveillance; information gathering; wire tapping checks; reliability tests and polygraphs; computer and cyber investigations; prevention of bribery and corruption; financial viability and commercial inquiries; personal status; intellectual property; insurance investigations.
International investigations include background checks; consultation on data security; risk assessment; and more.

Our address: 18 Yosef Caro Street, Tel Aviv 67014, PO Box 5743