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Where information is crucial, WY is you’re a game changer

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We at WY know, that although the world is rapidly changing all around us, the core foundation of our clients' values and goals have always stayed the same – it's all about delivering and excellence.

With close to four decades of outstanding track record and accomplishment in Israel and around the world, WY is a leading Investigations & Intelligence powerhouse.

We strive to meet our client's goals, adhere to their values and deliver results day in day out.

Who we are

For over 35 years, WY has been providing Investigative & Intelligence services to tier 1 enterprises and high-net-worth individuals across the globe.

As trusted and discreet partners for thousands of clients in a wide range of industries, WY is widely regarded as the tiebreaker element when it comes to running complex investigations, intelligence gathering, and crisis management endeavors.

An acclaimed and well established Investigations & Intelligence powerhouse WY holds deep understanding of what large organizations and high-net-worth individuals need when it comes to protecting and developing their assets and business.

Our experts provide strategic guidance to address critical client needs worldwide.

Constantly delivering actionable results, WY's professionals hold among themselves vast amount of knowledge and experience in investigative and intelligence gathering.

Recruited mostly out of the Israeli Defense Forces, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, our teams of experts possess deep insights and long proven track record experience of anything that is critical to our clients.

Our firm’s team includes veterans of military police special units, law enforcement and intelligence agencies, cyber intelligence and cyber security experts, licensed investigators, research and intelligence analysts, lawyers, financial crime specialists, forensic accountants and computer forensic specialists.

Our experts' diverse background and unique approach, combined with our second-to-none experience and with state-of-the-art technological tools, allow us to provide our clients with game-changing results.

Main Differentiator

Beyond our uncompromising search for excellence, the secrete to our long-lasting achievement is the fact that Investigations & Intelligence should be conducted first and foremost by experts that have investigated events our clients are trying to avoid.

All of our team leaders and executives have years of experience in conducting and leading complex investigations in both the private and government ecosystems.

Our inquisitive state of mind is our x-factor

Providing actionable & relevant Intelligence for informed decision making

Main offering

Crisis Management & Litigation support

WY takes a direct, creative and cost-effective approach to litigation and crisis management.

In any conflict or strife, whether commercial, IP, matrimonial or personally driven, the winning side is always the one that is most informed, possesses the relevant information or evidence and makes fewer mistakes.

With years of experience, we know how to partner with our clients' outside counsel and in-house stakeholders. We consult and assist in identifying the required solutions, collect the necessary intelligence and ascertain the game-changing evidence.

Our expertise lies in collecting accurate and relevant information, experienced witnessing and all in an ethical manner keeping our clients' from playing into their opposition's hands by performing crucial mistakes.

In many cases, we bring to light new facts and evidence that have been overlooked or missed and identify the opposition's active measures and strategy.

Our vast experience as investigators allow us to identify opportunities and help our clients build effective legal strategies that get results with the following services:

  • Strategic consultancy prior to and during litigation and crisis;
  • Collecting tangible and admissible evidence;
  • Discovering, examining and analyzing information, intelligence and evidence to support our client's legal position;
  • Collecting information for affidavits rebuttle, cross-examination and for verifying credentials of expert witnesses;
  • Uncovering connections between subjects and witnesses and running background research on opposition's key assets;
  • Locating and interviewing potential witnesses;
  • Cultivating confidential sources;
  • Liaison with law enforcement agencies;
  • Providing defensive consultancy and measures against opposition counter actions;

Business Intelligence

The realm of business intelligence is vast and overreaching. Over the years we developed an extended network of partners and sources around the world. By utilizing the said contacts we provide our clients with solutions to complex business challenges.

Background checks and intelligence files – whether it’s a potential partner, investor, Joint Venture or M&A activity, we provide our clients with the ability to go deep beyond the vail of empty statements, websites and first impressions.

Any individual or corporations can be meticulously investigated in order to ravel who they really are, their controlling parties or Ultimate Beneficiary Owners, legal and financial status, reputation and the accuracy of their public statements.

Information gathering – we gather information concerning our clients' competitors or other point of interest whether commercial, legal, technological or personal in nature. Whether for recruiting a senior executive, collecting evidence for any potential future needs or economic status of competitors operations, specific and targeted information gathering is a powerful tool.

Business Development – Our clients, both enterprise and high-net-worth individuals, utilize our capabilities in building, developing and promoting their businesses. We help our clients in seeking strategic partners, locating potential JVs in

new markets, identifying and analyzing their competitors and locating targets for M&A in accordance with pre-defined commercial parameters. Investigations & Intelligence are common and powerful tools in conducting any business.

Intellectual Property & goodwill – WY provide various services helping our clients in supporting and preserving their IP and goodwill. Trademarks violation and licensing enforcement, patent violations and compliance, exposing gray market, black market and counterfeit operations, are all part of our intangible asset protection services.

In today's new media and web-based world, one's goodwill became a common attack vector in any conflict. Our teams of experts assist our clients in protecting their goodwill and intangible assets.

Financial investigations – we locate and investigate into any sort of assets around the world.

Whether it is the allocation of bank accounts, trusts, off-shore companies, real-estate, vehicles, art, aircraft and maritime vessels etc. our teams reach is both far and deep. In addition, we provide deep financial background checks and economical validity on both individuals and corporations around the world. Blacklisted entities, bankruptcy events and credit posture are all information we can assist our client to ascertain and analyze. 

Human reliability and Labor investigations

The human factor is a key in any information-driven endeavor. WY provides our clients with a wide range of human factor related services. In labor relationships, we help our clients to vet and conduct background checks prior to employment, during onboarding period and post-employment.

We help our clients deal with issues such as loss prevention and any other employee's fraudulent activities. We provide tools and solutions in dealing with non-compete and non-disclosure enforcement. In addition, our services allow our clients to deal with human factor reliability issues such as data-leak prevention, industrial espionage, security awareness, and other internal threats.

Our Toolbox

Cyber Intelligence – Cyber intelligence is based on the collection of actionable and relevant intelligence using open source intelligencesocial media intelligencehuman Intelligence (human engineering), technical intelligence as well as Deep & Dark web intelligence.

Our experts possess years of experience in collecting, analyzing and utilizing cyber intelligence in both the governmental and private realms using the latest technological tools as well as human experience.

On the ground tactical teams – WY surveillance and undercover operatives include Special Forces and law enforcement experts from around the world. Over the years we have conducted complex operations around the globe including in territories where assimilation, (cultural as well as behavioral) are considered challenging to say the least.  

With a vast network of partners and joint venture we collected over the years, our experts can deploy in relatively short time as well as provide special services such as undercover VIP protection, search & rescue and more.

Interrogators – lawfully retaining information from a subject, especially in the civil/commercial world, is a challenging and complex task. In many cases the subject, such as an employee, informant, competitor, whistleblower etc. can be uncooperative or fearful. It takes years of experience in order to have deep understanding of the human soul and what makes it 'tic' as well as the prevailing law and evidence collecting requirements.

Partner, sources and JVsOur World Association of Detectives (WAD) membership is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing our international capabilities. For more than 35 years, WY has cultivated a unique network of partners, sources and joint ventures worldwide. Our international relationships and reputation is one of our main advantages.